Sai Kirtan | 29th June 2019

Sai Kirtan29/06/201916:00 PM to 18:00 PM BSTDharmica Spiritual CentrePrivate
Private Invitation
In Sanskrit, we refer to the one who has completed their 80th year as ‘Sahasra Chandra Darshi’ which means the ‘one who has witnessed 1,000 Full Moons in their life’. This is not a simple event to accomplish in one’s life, irrespective of career, family, success, assets, health and general well-being. It gives us great pleasure to have someone in the family and community who will be reaching such milestone soon.

To celebrate the special occasion, we invite you to join us for a short kirtan to praise Sai with humbled gratitude and simple devotion – as well as blessings from them which in Dharmic culture become more auspicious after the accomplishment.

We look forward to your presence. Om Sai Ram.

Further Information
For location and parking details, visit:
Optional vegetarian meal served to guests after Aarti.
No gifts please – your presence is our gift.
NOTE: This event will broadcast live on YouTube – see DharmicaTV
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