Mata Ki Chowki | 18th October 2020

Mata Ki Chowki
(online only)
18/10/202012:00 PM BST
/ 16:30 IST
Dharmica Spiritual CentrePrivate
Private Invitation
Dear family member,

You are respectfully invited to join us online for Mata Ki Chowki to participate for 2 hours of singing bhajans alongside us during the auspicious time of Navratri, and appeal with yours prayers for worldly healing and protection during this powerful time.

We look forward to your presence. Jai Mata Di.

NOTE: This online event will broadcast live on Zoom. Please follow the below steps to join our meeting:

Joining Instructions
  1. Click this link:
  2. In Zoom, Mute your audio and Start your video
  3. Double-click on the user to view event
  4. Please message us in Chat if you would like to sing a bhajan

OPTIONAL: We recommend you join the meeting from a laptop with a webcam, and optionally use the Google Chrome browser to cast the laptop’s desktop to a large television for a more immersive audio/video experience.

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