Achievements Award | 2018

Achievements  Award

Programme: Dharma Rising
Awardee(s): Shraddha Class
Award Type: Five Years Milestone
Award Date: 17th December, 2017
Awards Mark(s): Life portfolio websites


The children of Shraddha Class have demonstrated their attention and devotion to the Commitment of Dharmica. It is noted children have maintained a semi-vegetarian (pescetarian) diet and have consistently accomplished outstanding achievements in the first 4 development paths of the Dharma Rising programme such as learning Hindi and Sanskrit, reciting complex mantras, playing musical instruments, and practising vocals. The Administration have awarded the children with their own prestigious websites which will record their lifetime portfolio of achievements and progress. We are confident the children will use the ‘Tri-Site’ feature and its foundation to continue their development paths. We look forward to reviewing their progress on the Internet.

A launch video has been produced for the children as a mark of recognition of their achievements of distinction. The Tri-Site page along with the launch video can be accessed here.

With Shraddha and Saburi,
Dharmica Rastrapati (2018)

The Om Rudram Trishula Seal of the Dharmica Rastrapati

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