Live Cam

Guest speakers can remotely conduct their teachings using our Live Cam service, and parents can monitor live classes – using Facebook Messenger on their device such as a PC or tablet, or from their smartphone.

Joining Instructions

1) View our Live Cam by starting a video call from your Facebook Messenger:

View Live Cam

2) After we have answered your call, please immediately MUTE your mic and DISABLE your web camera

Terms of Use: Prior written permission to remotely access this service by teaching staff and/or parent must strictly be granted by a DSA. Any form of abuse of this service will result in immediate sanctions, and student exclusion if applicable. Remote recording of the service by any method is strictly prohibited by Dharmica School. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply to this service.

NOTE: To view a scheduled public / private live broadcast, event, or to join a meeting on DharmicaTV, click here.

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