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NOTICE: We are COVID Safe approved, and now accepting visitors by appointment or invitation only. Face masks MUST be worn by all visitors. For further guidance, visit: www.gov.uk/coronavirus

About the DSC

Dharmica Spiritual Centre (abbreviated ‘DSC’) is a Spiritual, Educational & Development facility situated at Dharmica House in the United Kingdom, devoted to all four main branches of Dharma (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism).

The DSC is a small spiritual space with a fully-operational shrine built to modern specifications, altogether offering its visitors a highly usable, multi-purpose facility to comfortably support small events and group gatherings such as Dharmic seminars, educational workshops, student discourses, tuition classes, musical training, yoga and well-being classes, as well as festivals, ceremonies and cultural events.

Visiting the DSC

For location, travel directions, parking guidance, and other site information, please click here

IMPORTANT: Visits to the DSC are strictly by appointment or invitation only. Unauthorised visitors will be turned away due to building regulations. Visitors should review the below Terms of Use before booking an appointment, or visiting the DSC.

Facility Highlights

  • Fully-equipped, operational shrine accommodating up to 36 guests
  • Multi-configurable meeting space for up to 12 seated adults with desks
  • Small library and electronic archive of a large collection of Dharmic digital content
  • Ambient surroundings with automatic air purification, mood lighting, and active skylight management
  • Self-service screen projection, A/V multi-casting, laser whiteboard, video conferencing, and print services
  • Low-profile, discreet film and sound studio with integrated high-definition A/V and recording system
  • Free WiFi and network services for guests (and ‘master isolation switch’ for 99.9% zero electronic emissions
  • Adherence to UK Building Regulations, with automated fire response, smoke / CO2 detection, medical assistance, intelligent safety, premise protection, security and climate control systems

Booking the DSC

Dharmica School administers the DSC, and also utilises it on first-priority basis during its term schedule. Private / Public events are also scheduled regularly at the DSC by various third-parties organisations. Please contact us if you are interested in utilising the DSC.

Operating the DSC

DSC facilities are controlled by the DHX Network, an advanced underlying platform with operates and manages the DSC’s technology resources including smart devices, network resources, free WiFi hotspot, cloud services, print stations, audio/video systems, projection systems, lighting controls, security systems, climate and heating controls, video conferencing, and so on.

Dharmica School Administrators (DSAs), Students and Guests can access the DHX Network from the Portal.

Terms of Use

When accessing the Dharmica Spiritual Centre (DSC), Guests are agreeing to abide by the following ‘Terms of Use’ when:

  • Accessing the DSC remotely over the Internet,
  • Attending the DSC and signing in the Guestbook,
  • Attending the DSC by invitation from the Site Administrator,
  • Attending the DSC for the term schedule of Dharmica School, or
  • Attending any Private or Public Scheduled Event at the DSC as an invited Guest
  1. The Dharmica Spiritual Centre (DSC) is operated by Dharmica Network (c/o DHX Network) – who also designate a ‘Site Administrator’ as the primary, on-site contact point to host and support any Guest(s) approved to visit and are present at the DSC – and is administered by Dharmica School
  2. A ‘Guest’ is any person who is or has been permitted by the Site Administrator to physically and/or electronically access the DSC. The Site Administrator reserves the right to request and record personal information such as full name, current address, telephone contact, etc. of all Guests
  3. All Guests visiting the DSC are kindly requested to pay full attention and adhere to notices, announcements, any written instructions provided by the Site Administrator, or any other person(s) with delegated authority, or those displayed on screens. All Guests must observe any social-distancing instructions. measurements and approved ‘Covid-19 safe’ regulations applicable to the DSC.
  4. All Guests visiting the DSC are kindly requested to behave in a civilised, polite, hygienic, and cooperate manner throughout their stay. Rude or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Guests may be asked to leave the site at any time without explanation from the Site Administrator
  5. The DSC does not offer general access to the public, and must be visited by appointment or invitation only Agreed visits are strictly by invitation only from the Site Administrator. Please contact us to discuss an appointment or invitation.
  6. There is no charge for using or accessing DSC but it may only be used for non-profit activities. Business or clerical use is strictly prohibited. The Site Administrator’s decision for appointment requests is final
  7. The DSC appointment hours of scheduled operation is between 07:00 AM to 23:00 PM, Monday-Friday and Sunday (excluding Bank Holidays). Hours of operation can vary due to other appointments, and no notice has to be provided to visitors for cancellations
  8. Uninvited visitors will be denied access to the DSC, and may be reported to the applicable authorities and/or the Police, and may be prosecuted for legal violations and offences relating to unsolicited contact, property trespass, public harassment, etc.
  9. Photography of / at the DSC by Guests with any photographic equipment, including mobile or computer devices, is strictly forbidden unless permission is granted by the Site Administrator. 
  10. The Site Administrator may make photographic recordings of Guests at the DSC, including audio / video capture for the purpose of Internet video broadcasting, web site promotion, film and/or digital content production relating to Dharmica Network, and CCTV surveillance for the purpose of property and guests security – unless the Guest expressly denies consent to do so
  11. All guests visiting the DSC are requested to sign in/out of the Visitor Guestbook (in the front foyer) when entering/exiting the building. This is for building regulations and fire safety reasons
  12. After signing-in, guests should read the Building Regulations information screen in the DSC (as directed by the Site Administrator) to familiarise with visitor guidelines, site fire safety and evacuation instructions, medical support, facility services, and any necessary operation guides
  13. Smoking, use of illegal drugs, gambling, consumption of alcohol or any meat product, fire ignition of any type by Guests  – is strictly not permitted in the DSC
  14. Any food and/or beverage provided at the DSC and consumed by the Guest is entirely at their own risk. It is solely the Guest’s responsibility to check for ingredients and food allergies content prior consuming any food or drinks offered 
  15. Consumption of food and/or drinks served by the Site Administrator at the DSC is out of courtesy. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure a healthy and vegetarian diet is offered. Guests should not consume any provided food and/or drink if they have any concerns
  16. Damage caused by the Guest to any building contents, appliance, decoration, furniture and fixture, must be repaired, remedied, or replaced by the Guest. The Site Administrator reserves the right to invoice and bill the Guest responsible for causing any damage to the property, and/or take legal action as necessary
  17. Any property and personal possessions owned by Guests is not covered by the building’s content insurance Unfortunately only the building’s listed items are covered by its insurance policy. Damage, theft or loss of Guest property and personal possessions at the DSC is not covered
  18. Guests are encouraged not to bring valuable items to the DSC. Any personal possession at the DSC is the sole responsibility of its owner
  19. Overnight stay at the DSC for Guests is not available. We suggest nearby hotels, or local bed and breakfast be booked
  20. Guests must not bring pet animals, food and drink for own consumption, any large electronic equipment or recording devices, large luggage or containers, plants or flowers, furniture or bedding, gas-filled items, fireworks, sharp objects, knives, swords, cutlery, replica weapons or firearms, and any substances or materials considered dangerous or hazardous to people and the environment, to the DSC at any time – with exception to when a written approval is granted by the Site Administrator at time of appointment booking
  21. For any enquiries, concerns, complaints or facilities support – Guest should directly speak to the Site Administrator in the first instance, or can contact us

IMPORTANT: Failure to adhere to the ‘Terms of Use’ may result in the Guest being asked to leave the DSC. Please read all 21 rules carefully prior making an appointment or visiting the DSC.

Dharmica Network
c/o DHX Network

Building Regulations

Building rules and regulations pertaining to the property site which is Dharmica House, can be viewed at the property site itself . Please ask the Site Administrator to direct you to the Building Regulations Notice (Audio version available).

NOTE: Dharmica Spiritual Centre (DSC) is hosted by Dharmica House, administered by Dharmica School, and operated by Dharmica Network.

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