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All donations are carefully managed by the Board to expand our resources to support the school’s vision of providing Dharmic awareness and education to children and adult students, and across our associated networks. Thank you graciously for your generosity and kind support.

Smt. Kiran Punn (Headteacher)

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We accept donations through bank / wired transfer from the UK and international banks. Here are the essential details you will need for your online banking app, or to give to the counter staff at your local bank.

Account Name: Kiran Punn
Account Number: 11746862
Account Sort code: 11-07-08
Account Reference: DHARMICA-ORG

Additional information for international transfer:

Account SWIFT Code: LOYDGB2L
Account IBAN: GB76HLFX11070811746862
Account BIC: HLFXGB21T59
Account Bank and Address: Halifax PLC, PO Box 722, Leeds, LS1 9GG. United Kingdom


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